Live Agent Call Center Benefits


Professional Appearance

Allowing your clients to speak with a live agent will give your business a more professional appearance while creating less stress and more time for you.


Cost Effective

No overhead costs.  No need to provide office space to an assistant. No need to pay for health benefits, social security, liability insurance, etc.  No need to be 'in the office'.  You choose the days assistance is needed.

Ex.:  For an 8 hour day, $8.25 per hour, you'll pay an employee to take your calls $66, plus all of the other costs.  

With us, you've got 24 hours of our service offered to you and/or your business starting at only $25!  No overage fees, contract minimums, etc.


24/7 Live Answer Inbound & Outbound

While most business operating hours are Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm., our answering services are available to your clients 24 hours a day! 

Not only can we receive your calls, we can also place calls for you.  

*Sales/Set Up Hours: Monday - Saturday 8:00 am - 6:00 pm.
*Bilingual:  Currently, weekend hours are available.  10:00 pm - 6:00 am

More Benefits with UCiC

Never Miss a Call


 Whether you're out on the course, taking a jog or waiting for an important call you cannot miss, we've got you covered. Emergency calls will not be missed and will come with an immediate contact from us to you. 

Easy Set-Up


Forward your calls to us and we'll take it from there.   When you no longer need your calls forwarded, just remove the forward from your phone.  That's it!
We answer incoming calls "Hello there!  Thank you for contacting Universal Call-In Center!  How may we help you today?" 

Email & SMS Alerts

Located in United States


Our Independent Contractors are located here in the United States.  No call centers.  English is our spoken language.  No more overseas outsourcing needed.

*Bilingual/English weekend hours are available.

College Students


 We can answer your calls while you work/run/go to class/spend time with family & friends.  No more worrying about a missed call.  

No Contracts


With UCiC, there are no contracts or minimums.  You select the time and days you'd like us to help with.   We will send you an invoice for the days you've chosen. 

Weekend Hours / Bilingual


Current bilingual assistance available:  Weekends After Hours 10:00pm - 6:00am   

Personal Assistant


Always on the go?  No time to take a break and answer calls?  Let us help.  

Booking Appointments


Using Office365, we can book appointments for you.  You can mark days you're unavailable or just tell us and we'll do it for you.  We can share calendar with you daily or as appointments are scheduled.

Small Business Assistant


Let us be your receptionist!  No need to pay overhead costs, such as hourly pay, health benefits, etc.   

You Personalize


Let us know the information you want gathered and how you'd like us to get the information to you:  text, email, call, messenger.
Want us to schedule appointments? Take a message?  Be available for emergency calls?  The choice is yours. 

Happy Clients


Speaking with a live agent is hard to come by these days and will set the tone immediately for your clients.  Nobody wants to call and listen to a plethora of demands just to speak to an agent.  Now they will not have to. 

Keep your clients happy, offer them a live, easy to understand agent.

Referrals & Savings


You've got the opportunity to refer up to 5 active participants and receive a $1 per day discount!  Click here to find out more. 



We all know how highly unsafe it is (and illegal) to be on our phones while driving.  Instead of risking your life and the life of another, let us take your calls for you.   

Pay Only for Days Needed


That's right!  You select days you will need our assistance and that's all you'll have to pay for or you can choose to pay for the month for many more hours of assistance. 

Equal Opportunity


We do not discriminate on who we 'hire' on as an Independent Contractor.  Our answering services are perfect for those who are: "stay at home" workers, physically unable to work out of the home, and those who just may be looking for extra income to help support their loved ones.

Training and quality is our number one concern.

Click here for consideration.

Win Win for All


Low cost.  Professional Service.  Anyone seeking a live friendly agent to take their calls at an affordable price, you've come to the right place. 

 Your participation in our answering assistance program allows us to 'employ' Independent Contractors across the United States who may be seeking a "work from home" job, cannot physically work outside of the home, perhaps they just need extra income to support their loved ones.  

All of these Independent Contractors will be available to take your calls, with no overhead costs.

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