Our Call Center Plans

Prices shown are for the month, except for the Daily Package.

Pricing FAQs & Offers

Payment Options


Credit Card 

Money Order
*There is a $1.10 processing fee for Paypal and CC payments.

Day Selection & Payment Date

We will need your dates of service and payment for your selection by the last day of each month.  This selection and payment will be for the upcoming month.
Ex.:  Day selection and payment will be due on Jan. 31st for February assistance, and so on.

One Time Set-Up Fee

There is a one time set-up fee of $30 to use our services.  This will cover everything we need to know about you as well as your information uploaded into our system.

Referral Rewards Program

Choosing our call center and which answering services you prefer, you can receive a $1 credit per up to 5 active referrals.  You can save up to $5 per day with 5 active referrals.


1 active referral - $24 daily cost

2 active referrals - $23 daily cost

3 active referrals - $22 daily cost

4 active referrals - $21 daily cost

Max. 5 active referrals - $20 daily cost